Fees Structure

Tuition and Fees Structure

Higher Education Certificate (HEC)1 YearD/E/W800,000
Bachelor of Arts with Education3 YearsD/E/W680,000
Masters of Education Administration & Management2 YearsW1,500,000
Diploma in Secondary Education2 YearD/E/W450,000
Postgraduate Diploma in Education1 YearW1,100,000
Bachelor of Education (Secondary) – In-Service2 YearsD250,000
Bachelor of Education (Primary) – In-Service2 YearsD250,000
Diploma in Primary Education –In-Service2 YearsD200,000
Bachelor of Public Administration and Management3 YearsD/E/W880,000
Bachelor of Diplomacy and International Relations3 YearsD/E/W930,000
Bachelor of Development Studies3 YearsD800,000
Bachelor of Local Governance and Human Rights3 YearsD930,000
Diploma in Public Administration2 YearsD500,000
Bachelor of Mass Communication and Journalism3 YearsD/E/W930,000
Bachelor of Social Work & Social Administration3 YearsD/E/W930,000
Bachelor of Guidance & Counselling3 Years D/E/W800,000
Diploma in Mass Communication and Journalism2 YearsD/E/W570,000
Diploma in Social Work & Social Administration2 YearsD/E/W630,000
Certificate in Social Work & Social Admin.2 YearsD/E/W400,000
Bachelor of Industrial Art and Design3 YearsD/E780,000
Diploma in Interior & Landscape Design2 YearsD/E500,000
Diploma in Fashion & Design2 YearsD/E500,000
Diploma in Cosmetology2 Years D/E450,000
Certificate in Fashion and Design2 Years D/E300,000
Certificate in Hair Dressing2 YearsD/E450,000
Certificate in Interior Design2 YearsD/E450,000
Bachelor of Information Technology3 YearsD/E/W1,010,000
Bachelor of Science in information Systems3 Years D/E/W950,000
Bachelor of Library and information Science3 YearsD/E950,000
Bachelor of Records and Archives Management3 YearsD/E850,000
Diploma in Information Technology2 YearsD/E/W760,000
Diploma in Library and information Science2 YearsD/E760,000
Diploma in Archives and Records Management2 YearsD/E570,000
Diploma in Communication & IT2 YearsD/E570,000
Certificate in Communication & IT2 YearsD/E450,000
Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering4 YearsD/E/W1,110,000
Bachelor of Science in Telecommunication Engineering4 YearsD/E/W1,110,000
Bachelor of Computer Science3 YearsD/E/W1,060,000
Diploma in Computer Science2 YearsD/E/W710,000
Diploma in Computer Engineering2 Years D/E/W700,000
Certificate in Computer Science1 YearD/E/W450,000
National Certificate in Computer Engineering1 YearD/E/W450,000
Bachelor of Environmental Management3 YearsD/E/W780,000
Bachelor of Science in Public Health3 YearsD/E/W1,000,000
Bachelor of Medical Records and Management3 YearsD/E/W1,000,000
Diploma in medical Records Management2 YearsD/E/W570,000
Masters of Business Administration and Management2 YearsW1,500,000
Masters of Business Admin. & Management with IT2 YearsW1,500,000
Masters of Business Admin. & Mgt in Finance & Accounts2 YearsW1,500,000
Bachelor of Business Admin. - International Business3 Years D/E/W1,010,000
Bachelor of Business Administration - Entrepreneurship3 YearsD/E/W1,010,000
Bachelor of Business Admin. - Marketing Management3 YearsD/E/W1,010,000
Bachelor of Business Admin. - Marketing Management3 YearsD/E/W1,010,000
Bachelor of Business Administration - Accounting3 YearsD/E/W1,010,000
Bachelor of Business Admin. - Finance and Banking3 YearsD/E/W1,010,000
Bachelor of Procurement & Supply Chain Management3 YearsD/E/W1,010,000
Diploma in Business Administration2 YearsD/E/W560,000
Diploma in Finance & Business Computing2 YearsD/E/W560,000
Certificate in Business Administration2 YearsD/E/W450,000
Bachelor of Human Resource Management3 YearsD/E/W910,000
Bachelor of Tourism & Hospitality Management3 YearsD/E/W900,000
Bachelor of Administrative & Secretarial Studies3 YearsD/E/W850,000
Diploma in Administrative & Secretarial Studies2 YearsD/E/W570,000
Certificate in Secretarial Studies2 YearsD/E/W570,000
Certificate in Hotel Mgt & Institutional Catering2 YearsD/E/W450,000
Certificate in Wildlife & Tourism Management2 YearsD/E/W450,000
Bachelor of Economics3 YearsD/E/W900,000
Bachelor of Statistics3 YearsD/E/W950,000
Degree and
Certificate /
Undergraduate Gown (Paid Once)25,00025,00025,000
Research Fee (Paid Once)100,000
SLAU T-Shirt (Paid Once)50,00050,00050,000
Identity card (Paid Once)30,00030,00030,000
National Council Fees (Paid per year)26,00026,00026,000
Students Guild Fees (Per Semester)20,00020,00020,000
Sports fees (Per Semester)20,00020,00020,000
Medical Fees (Per Semester)20,00020,00020,000
Consolidation Fees (Per Semester)400,000200,000150,000
UBTEB Examination (Per Semester)100,000100,000
Internship / School Practice Fees (Per Attachment)250,000250,000
Accommodation fees (Per Session) – Optional150,000
Meals (Per Session) - Optional150,000
Change of course /Program30,000
Lost document (Receipt, ID, Admission letter, Exam Permit)20,000
Lost Academic Papers100,000
Withdraw from Course fees20,000
Examination Re-take fees100,000
Late Registration Fees50,000
Equating of O&A Level Certificates (East Africa)300,000
Equating of O&A Level Certificates (other Nationals)200,000
Equating of foreign Diplomas (Per page)100,000
Application Fees50,000
Admission Fees50,000
Post graduate (Per Semester)500,000
Research fees (Paid Once)600,000