University policies

Sitting Semester Examinations

(1) Only registered students are permitted to sit University examinations;
(2) Students have to pay all the University fees before they can sit the University examinations.;
(3) Students may retake the course to improve the grade of the course;
(4) The examination results of any student who has sat the examinations without being registered shall be nullified. Students are strongly warned against this.

Examination Malpractices

Students, who involve themselves in examination malpractices such as cheating, smuggling in notes in the examination hall, are strongly warned that such practices may lead to the dismissal of the student. Course-works are University examination, copying and/or handling in coursework similar to another student’s work or hiring another person to do one’s coursework is an examination malpractice that lead to severe punishment.

Certificate of Due Performance

Lectures, practical classes, seminars, tutorials, tests and assignments are compulsory. Students who fail to attend them satisfactorily and/or fail to do the tests and assignments will be denied the Certificate of Due Performance. And with the approval of the Lecturer and Dean of the Faculty, students may be barred from sitting the examination.

Assessment of Examinations

Each course shall be assessed in two parts. There will be progressive/continuous assessment during the course of each semester and an examination at the end of each of the semesters.


(a) Course work contributes at least 40% of the total marks.
(b) It will consist of at least two tests or at least one test and any other assignment
(c) Coursework should be given within the 15 weeks of teaching and marks from it should be put on the notice boards before examinations begin.


(a) Examinations will be of three hours and they will be done within the last two weeks of the semester.
(b) The examinations will contribute 60% of the total marks.
(c) Examination (60%) and coursework (40%) shall contribute 100%.

Pass Mark

(a) The pass mark in each course will be 50%.
(b) Candidates who fail to sit examinations for social, health or financial reasons may do Special Examinations at 100,000 Ugx/= per examination.
(b) A candidates who fail examinations may sit Supplementary Examination at 100,000 Ugx or may retake the course when it is offered again.
(c) There is no compensation in the semester system.

Grading of Examinations

Overall marks a candidate obtains in a course will be graded out of 100% marks and appropriate Letter Grades and Grade Points are indicated below:

Marks Letter Grade Grade Points
80 – 100 A 5
75 – 79.9 B+ 4.5
70 – 74.9 B 4.0
65 – 69.9 B- 3.5
60 – 64.9 C+ 3.0
55 – 59.9 C 2.5
50 – 54.9 C- 2.0
45 – 49.9 D+ 1.5
40 – 44.9 D 1.0
35 – 39.9 D- 0.5
Below 35 E 0