SLAU Students in Classroom

What’s it like in a Cambridge classroom?

With St. Lawrence University (SLAU) Pathway, students build more than just a deep understanding of their subject. They also develop higher order thinking skills so that they can apply what they’ve learned. 

SLAU students get to play an active role in the classroom. They will be asked to think critically, to learn how to construct an argument and evaluate evidence. They will learn to work independently, and to collaborate with one another to bring a project to a successful outcome (and if it’s not successful, they’ll also learn lessons from reflecting on why that might be). And they’ll be encouraged to develop an international outlook, and become confident, global citizens. 

When we design our programmes, we start by identifying what a student needs to learn. Students have to demonstrate understanding and the core knowledge of a subject, as well as think critically. Exams are there to recognise, reward and encourage learning. 

So, for example, when we design a history course, we want students to really engage with the historical evidence and learn how to do research. So we make sure the exam assesses these skills, and this in turn impacts on the way the course is taught in the classroom. It’s not about simply recalling facts.

We provide comprehensive classroom support and resources. We also offer training and professional development opportunities, so that teachers and school leaders constantly improve their practice and share expertise with Cambridge schools worldwide.