Slau Anthem

St. Lawrence University

[Slau Anthem]

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St. Lawrence University, A light the world so we shine, For a bright future, light your candle And be the light of the world

Let us be the models of reason, To set a life of wonders and success, Now hold up your candle and light up the world St. Lawrence the light of the world.

We acknowledge the works of the mighty creator,Though the efforts of a strong founding arm, St. Lawrence to blossom and blossom with success, In honor we hail you our pride.

A firm foundation, the cornerstone to success, A wonder for you know the plight of the nation, Let us hold onto our vision, to light up the world, Today and tomorrow we shall stand.

With globalization, a challenge amidst The trends of time lets rise and stand as firm, Embrace Enterprenuership and ICT today, Remember to always light your candle.