International Students

Choose St. Lawrence University (SLAU) and learn with students from over 20 countries. Study an English language program or a course at SLAU (certificate, diploma), undergraduate (associate or bachelor degree) or postgraduate (graduate certificate, graduate diploma or masters) level.

International students come to St. Lawrence University because of what we offer — an exceptional learning environment that fulfills their academic ambitions, intellectual passions and desire to experience cultural diversity at its richest.
Nearly 30 percent of St. Lawrence University undergraduates come from more than 20 countries across the globe.

So, who do we consider to be an international student? You are an international student if you are neither a Ugandan citizen nor a Ugandan permanent resident.

The Application Process

Learn what’s involved in applying for admission, including taking a required English language program, if you come from a non-English speaking country.

Required Documents

Understand the steps you need to take — and the supporting documents you need to present — to obtain your passport and visa.

Living Here

Explore what it takes to live and learn at SLAU, such as how to finance your education, find living accommodations and access health care and insurance.