St. Lawrence University

In 2007, Kabaka’s Lake campus was to be shifted with all its students’ staff and movable assets to its present location at Kavule in Mpigi district, to give room for the newly hatched St. Lawrence University. With a motto ‘light your candle”, St. Lawrence University came to answer the question “after university what next” and its niche is “ICT and Entrepreneurship. In 2013, the Academy of St. Lawrence was born to cater for the bright but needy student and Lorencia Junior School was conceived to complete the equation.

In the next 5 years, SLAU intends to expand across the metropolitan area and the country by creating satellite compasses and massive online learning and creating outreaches through a wide scope, and inventing practical ways of teaching the students. From the corporate world, the council plans to come up with programs that respond to the needs and demands of the prevailing problems. The university is driven by the demands and needs of the market, business, and the corporate world.