Prof. Charless Ssekyewa: Deputy Vice Chancellor

It is indeed honourable to celebrate a person whose life was devoted to active promotion of entrepreneurial education with eyes on and hands on practices at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. I first met Prof. Lawrence Mukiibi in 1985 at Afraha High School at Nakuru,Kenya. Afraha High School was the best Private Secondly School in the centre of the Rift Valley based city. Prof. Lawrence Mukiibi was the Head Teacher then. The School was well equipped and very clean. It had a talking environment. Teachers and students were very smart. Having come from the University at a time of scarcity and instability in Uganda, I was highly impressed by this experience. I came to learn that those high school standards hand been the effort of Prof. Lawrence Mukiibi. Shortly, I was to prove, for I got recruited to serve as a Biology Teacher and Head of Girl Guides and Scouts.