Mr Makuach Mayol

I don’t know where to start, yet I knew instantly that being part of ST. Lawrence University was a blessing. At first, I felt like any other freshman, anxious toward entering the University’s atmosphere, yet the anxiety soon faded away and I adapted quickly. I will never forget my colleagues, professors and St. Lawrence University (SLAU) employees, whom I always thought of as my family. When I reflect on being an SLAU student, I conclude that the experience enabled me to communicate better, learn more and grow stronger, not just academically.

It was of my pleasure completing my bachelor’s degree in Public Administration and scoring above GPA of 4.00 within three years. Moreover, I had the chance to work a year before graduation, and although balancing between being a full time employee and a full time student is supposed to be a difficult thing to do, yet I guess this is a right moment to say, ‘‘Nothing is impossible’’.

It is time to say goodbye SLAU, thanks a million for all the memories that meant the world to me, and for all the academic and life lessons, you taught me throughout the past years. Ciao! and encouraging others to hit APPLY NOW