Community Engagement

St. Lawrence University (SLAU) portrays itself as a reservoir of Information Communication Technology and Entrepreneurship elite with the obligation to champion social, political and economic change in society through professional extension services and influencing policy (Strategic Plan 2022-2032

For the University to achieve the above stated function it is working hard to put in place the following:

  • Well-defined, structured and coordinated outreach programs and institutional policy that satisfy both the academic and development interests
  • Competent and reward systems that motivate and encourage development-oriented services in the University
  • Soliciting for financial resources from our development partners, NGOs, the government and internally generated funds pool.


SLAU CreateS
Ideas to help Community

Market Venders celebrating their achievement for new knowledge they acquired from St. Lawrence University

Market Vendors showing Their Certificates

After being trained by St. Lawrence University Expert, we are happy to have received certificates of completion

Explaining Clafted Arts

Our own Students Demonstrating what they made during their course work